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In these documents, we have summarised how we can assist you with your forensic technology, eDiscovery and social media investigation requirements.

We have extensive Forensic Technology experience and use leading technologies to collect, examine and report on your electronic evidence requirements.

Our Forensic Technology expertise includes Computer Forensics, eDiscovery as well as Cybercrime Incident Response and Social Media Analysis. Our background includes experience in Law Enforcement (NZ Police) and Big 4 Professional Services.

We have significant experience in providing expert witness reports and in delivering expert witness testimony at trial.

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Computer Forensics

Includes the collection, processing, examination and reporting on electronic evidence matters such as investigations and cybercrime / data breaches.

We specialise in the collection and examination of data from a wide variety of sources e.g. laptops, desktops, servers, mobile devices and cloud. We adhere to global forensic standards and have the proven experience in applying advanced investigative and analytical techniques to help our clients solve their problems.

We have extensive experience in conducting forensic examinations. Read about our methodology here.

eDiscovery and Document Reviews

eDiscovery includes responding to litigation and regulatory requests, facilitating the collection, processing, review and exchange of electronic documents.

We support our clients through all phases of the eDiscovery reference model (EDRM) process. Our vast experience in using leading eDiscovery technologies ensures you select the right tool for the matter. We ensure this complex and labour-intensive process is as simple and effective as possible.

Social Media Investigations

We offer a comprehensive social media investigation service. Whether you require assistance in relation to an employment or litigation matter, our forensic technology experts can help.

The purpose of our social media investigation service is to identify potential evidence relating to an incident for legal proceedings, and to also provide the support you require to manage your brand. All investigations are conducted to a forensic standard, i.e. the highest level of proof. This provides you with the confidence you require to move forward with legal proceedings, where appropriate.

We are members of the Australia New Zealand Forensic Science Society and abide by the Code of Professional Practice for Members of the ANZFSS, available here:

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