Cyber Security for Law Firms

This guide has been published to help New Zealand Law Firms manage cyber security risk. Read about the key cyber threats you face, tips to avoid becoming a victim, and the steps you should take in the event of a compromise.

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Case Study – Simpson Grierson Lawyers

“Simpson Grierson treats the security and privacy of its customer data as paramount. We take our obligations seriously, and given the ever challenging cyber threat landscape, wanted to test our cyber incident response procedures to identify any potential areas for further improvement. To help us achieve this, we sought expert advice from a business offering reputable cyber-crime expertise.

During 2020, we worked with Incident Response Solutions to develop and conduct a simulation, to test our cyber incident response maturity.

Incident Response Solutions demonstrated throughout the engagement that they have a strong understanding of the unique privacy and confidentiality requirements affecting law firms. Not only did they have the expertise and experience to make the simulation realistic, they also provided a number of valuable insights that were contextual to the legal sector.

The simulation identified a number of areas that Simpson Grierson will use to build on our existing procedures.”

Jania Baigent, Partner

How should your law firm prepare for cyber threats?

Cyber Risks

Lawyers and Law Firms store large quantities of sensitive information and also process significant financial transactions, on behalf of their clients.

To deliver legal services to clients, new technologies are being adopted including generic cloud services and specific legal tech.

New technologies carry new risks and Law Firms are an attractive target to cyber criminals, regardless of their size. Cyber risks include privacy breaches, data loss and financial loss which leads to general disruption and damage to a firms reputation.

How We Can Help

We assist legal professionals manage their cyber security risk, with a particular focus on data privacy and security. Examples of our services include: