Cyber Security for Law Firms

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Cyber Security Guide for New Zealand Law Firms

The legal profession continues to adopt technology at an increasing pace. The shift to cloud services has enabled new offerings, but if not managed appropriately, is conducted with an increased risk.

These risks include privacy breaches, data loss, disruption, or damage to a firm caused by failure in its information technology systems – from both internal and external threats.

“The storage of personal and sensitive information on clients is an integral part of the work of a lawyer.”

New Zealand Law Society, 2014

Our “Cyber Security Law Firms” service is a collection of resources to assist legal professionals manage client data, with a particular focus on privacy and data security.

Depending on you cyber maturity and improvement requirements, we can assist you with the following:

We’ve also included a sample of articles published by the New Zealand Law Society about Cyber security below:

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