Cyber Insurance

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In this document, we provide information on how we can help insurers respond to, and recover from cyber incidents that affect their clients.

Incident Response Solutions specialises in providing forensic and cyber security services to the insurance industry.

We assist insurance companies, affected insureds, breach managers, legal counsel, technology service providers, incident responders and public relations experts prepare for, respond to and recover from cyber-incidents.

Our experts have a proven track record of providing cyber insurance services across several panels in New Zealand.

We can assist with the following types of cyber incidents:

  • Privacy breaches
  • Malware including ransomware
  • Business email compromise
  • Website attacks
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Insider threats
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) breaches
  • Accidental data loss
  • Data recovery
  • Third party risks

When faced with a problem requiring forensic technology or cyber security expertise, Incident Response Solutions helps turn your uncertainties into positive outcomes.

The core of our business is to provide the confidence you require to prepare for, respond to and recover from incidents, to a forensic standard, i.e. the highest level of proof.

Incident Response Solutions are proven experts in providing cyber insurance services in New Zealand, contact us to discuss your panel arrangements.