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In this document, we provide information on how we can assist you with your eDiscovery and document review requirements.

As technology continues to evolve, so do your eDiscovery requirements. How will you keep abreast of these changes and ensure that you are delivering the best possible service to your clients?

Partner with Incident Response Solutions

We are a New Zealand business that specialises in providing forensic and eDiscovery services. Our experts have significant experience working on complex legal and regulatory matters in New Zealand. We adhere to the High Court Rules and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

We offer flexible solutions to meet your needs. Regardless of the size of the matter, we can assist you in undertaking the collection, processing, hosting, technology assisted review (TAR 1.0 or TAR 2.0) and production of data, all to a forensic standard.

As forensic experts, we understand the burden of reviewing large quantities of documents. We use the latest TAR techniques (i.e. Continuous Active Learning or CAL) to enhance your document review efficiency and quality.

How we can help

  • We are experts in handling a diverse range of electronic data sources, including mobile and cloud storage
  • We use a leading eDiscovery solution (Nuix) for data processing
  • We can facilitate an Early Case Assessment (ECA) which uses data analytics and visualisations to identify responsive documents to include in the review, and to also eliminate out of scope documents
  • For your review, we will work with your choice of eDiscovery platform, either on premise or in the cloud, including Nuix Discover, Relativity (RelativityOne), Summation, EDT, Microsoft and more
  • In accordance with the High Court Rules Discovery checklist, we can facilitate document deduplication, keyword searching, concept searching, clustering and email threading
  • We can assist you in using technology assisted review (TAR), including Continuous Active Learning (CAL) which is a machine learning process that prioritises documents for review
  • We can provide expert witness reports where required.

Continuous Active Learning (CAL)

Unlike other traditional TAR techniques, the CAL algorithm continues to learn from the judgments being made by the reviewers. In turn, the system continually reprioritises the documents being sent to the review team.

The effectiveness of CAL was documented in a 2014 peer-reviewed study which concluded that CAL demonstrates superior performance, while avoiding certain problems that are associated with other machine learning technologies.

Not all eDiscovery tools have CAL built in.  Given the obvious efficiencies of CAL, we specialise in providing eDiscovery solutions that offer this technology.

Cloud Solutions

We can assist you in reviewing documents within a cloud solution including Nuix Discover and Relativity.

Cloud platforms provide your reviewers with a flexible ‘anywhere anytime’ solution, requiring only a laptop and internet connection. Mandatory two factor authentication provides additional security to protect your client’s data. 

Charges are primarily based on the amount of data uploaded to the eDiscovery platform, allowing you to regularly disburse these costs onto your client.    

Recent Courses and Certifications

  • Nuix Discover Saas Onboarding
  • Nuix Certified Technical Engineer – Foundations Refresher Course
  • RelativityOne Certified Pro

Visit our specialist website “Forensic Tech” to learn more about eDiscovery solutions in New Zealand.


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