We can help you to prepare, respond and recover from forensic and cyber incidents. Examples include:

  • cybercrime, e.g. a malicious attack including ransomware or email fraud
  • data breaches and privacy breaches
  • employment and associated misconduct investigations, e.g. the theft of confidential information or social media misuse
  • litigation and regulatory eDiscovery requests

Our full range of services include:

Forensic Technology

Computer Forensics including the collection, processing, examination and reporting on electronic evidence matters such as investigations and cybercrime / data breaches. Our services include Social Media investigations. We also adhere to the High Court rules as we provide expert witness services to the legal profession.

eDiscovery including responding to litigation and regulatory requests, facilitating the collection, processing, review and exchange of electronic documents.

Incident Response and Crisis Management

When faced with a problem requiring Forensic Technology or Cyber Security expertise, we turn your uncertainties into positive outcomes. We help you uplift your capability, reduce your risk and immediately respond to actual events. The core of our business is to provide the confidence you require to prepare for, respond to and recover from incidents, to a Forensic standard, i.e. the highest level of proof. Our incident response retainer services provides your organisation with ongoing assistance to improve your cyber maturity.

Government Inquiries and Independent Reviews

We can assist you, to a forensic standard, with the collection, processing and investigation/examination of electronic evidence with Government Inquiries. Examples include Royal Commissions of Inquiry and leakage of confidential Government information.

Cyber Security

Our expertise includes providing cyber strategy, risk assessments, training/awareness and Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) services.

Whistleblowers Platform

We offer an external Whistleblower Platform which operates 24/7 via a contracted Call Centre. We help you uplift your capability, reduce your risk and immediately respond to Whistleblower disclosures.

Case Studies

Read more about our services through a selection of recent case studies.