Cyber Training and Awareness

Every dollar spent on security awareness training significantly reduces your business’ vulnerability to cyberattacks.

Doing this not only helps you save thousands of dollars in the event of a breach, but could prove to be priceless when avoiding long-term costs such as lost customer trust and damage to your business’ reputation.

On average, smaller organisations (50 to 999 employees) can achieve an ROI of 69 percent from a security awareness training program.

Examples of our pre-configured training modules include:

Bring Your Own Device PolicyMobile Security: Mobile Device Management
Clean Desk PolicyMobile Security: Mobile Wi-Fi Security
Data Protection: Data BackupMobile Security: Securing Mobile Devices
Data Protection: Data DestructionMulti-factor Authentication
Data Protection: Data EncryptionPhishing: CEO Scams
Data Protection: Privacy RisksPhishing: Introduction to Phishing
Data Protection: Secure ConnectionsPhishing: The Dangers of Malicious Attachments
Data Protection: Secure Data StoragePhysical Office Security
Good Password PracticesPhysical Security: Lock Screens
How to Avoid Phishing ScamsPhysical Security: Removable Devices
Internet of Things (IoT) AwarenessPrivacy and Data Classification
Internet Safety and Social MediaThe Benefits of Password Managers
Malware AwarenessUnderstanding Common Types of Data Breach
Mobile Security: IntroductionWhat is Account Takeover (ATO)?
Mobile Security: Mobile BackupsWhat is an Insider Threat?

Incident Response Solutions can help you with your cyber training and awareness program, delivered via an in person workshop, cyber incident simulation, or online course. We also deliver email Phishing simulation training.