Information Management

Information gathering is governed by a legislative and compliance framework. How you manage information is vital to your organisation’s reputation, and your relationship with clients who trust you with that information.

Good Information Management practice begins with ‘Visibility and Control’ at all levels, including the access, stewardship, retention and persistence.

We can undertake a simple review to determine if you may have issues in this area. There are some simple solutions we can offer, and implement for you.

We have partnered with one of New Zealand’s leading providers including Infolog, which is a trusted off the shelf information platform used by multiple government and corporate entities in New Zealand. We know this system well.

  • The Infolog system assists with compliance at multiple levels.  It is a fully auditable one-stop information environment that is easy to establish and use, and reduces your risk while increasing speed and productivity.
  • Combined this new visibility and the usage reports provide the organisation with the potential to introduce ‘Customised Search Services’ and explore opportunities for business process automation (BPA) to meet a specific business requirement or workflow.