Incident Response Retainer

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This guide summarises the key issues that executives face when managing cyber incidents, including the elements of our Incident Response Retainer.

When dealing with your health, you know in advance who your Doctor is.

For Forensic Technology and Cyber Security matters, you should also have a professional provider on an 0800-speed dial.

With our Incident Response Retainer, you can take comfort knowing that in your time of need, you will quickly have access to Incident Response experts, along with a comprehensive network of associated professionals.

Retainer options

  1. A welcome pack and an initial consultation to explain how to maximise the service
  2. Access to a panel of experts who are ready to help
  3. Support desk for ad-hoc queries (up to 30 mins per month)
  4. Our monthly Forensic and Cyber Bulletin (Premium Edition)
  5. Yearly forensic readiness assessment to prepare
  6. Yearly assistance in drafting or revising your cyber incident response plan
  7. Board briefing packs and deep dive presentations, including our monthly bulletin
  8. Access to our Incident Response Portal and suite of Ops tools for managing incidents
  9. Facilitation of a yearly cyber incident tabletop simulation
  10. Discounted rates on our forensic technology expert services

We have plans starting from $200 + GST per month

How do I subscribe?

  • email or
  • phone 0800 WITNESS (0800 948 637)
  • We will discuss which retainer options you require
  • We will then welcome you on board and start the retainer service