Incident Response Solutions – Update

In January 2019, we launched Incident Response Solutions.  We would like to share our highlights so far from 2019.

1.      A full-service Forensic Technology Lab offering Computer Forensics, Cybercrime Incident Response, Data and Privacy Breach Response, eDiscovery and Social Media Analysis. Read our business service guide, or visit our website

2.      The purchase of leading forensic software and hardware, examples include Nuix, Magnet Axiom and Tableau.

3.      Our monthly Incident Response Bulletins.

4.      We launched our Incident Response Retainer, so clients can quickly access experts along with a comprehensive panel of associated professionals. Our Incident Response Retainer plans start from $200 per month.

5.      Our easy to use Cyber Incident Response Plan, available to our Retainer clients and also on enquiry. We ensure that your plan is aligned to the context of your organisation and sector.

6.      We developed a resource pack to deliver Cyber Incident Response Simulations and Tabletop exercises. Read our Case Study with Woolworths New Zealand in our cyber incident simulation service guide.

7.      We automated the process of aligning to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework. Government agencies such as the Financial Markets Authority are starting to strongly encourage the use of such Frameworks.

8.      We have provided Cyber Security and Forensic training via a number of presentations.

9.      Our Cyber Insurance Panel expertise was featured in the NZ Insurance Business Magazine in an article on Cyber Insurance titled “Cybersecurity: fighting crime behind your computer”. If you have, or are contemplating Cyber Insurance, we recommend that you ask whether Incident Response Solutions is on the Panel. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a Cyber Incident, advise your insurer that you would like our support.

10.   We launched an Independent Whistleblowers Service for organisations wishing to make Protected Disclosures and other reports of wrongdoing. Read our Whistleblowers service guide or visit our website Whistleblower plans start from $100 per month.

11.   We have assisted many clients, read some of our case studies.

12.   We have a team of forensic experts ready to assist you.

13.   We have moved into larger premises at 41 Shortland St, Auckland (The AIG Building).

14.   We are easy to get hold of, just think “Forensic Expert Witness” or “Witness to a Serious Wrongdoing” and call us on 0800 WITNESS.

We would welcome the opportunity to show you our new Forensic Laboratory or to simply discuss how we can assist you with any of the above services.