Software Patches and Updates

What is a patch or update?

Patches and updates are released by software vendors to improve its software and operating system (OS) to address security vulnerabilities, fix performance bugs and to enhance security features.

What patches or updates should you install?

Vendors distribute these to either reduce risk or to improve performance.  Patches and updates should be installed as soon as possible as attackers can target a vulnerability until it is completed.

Many vendors will automatically check for updates, if not, periodically check the vendor’s websites for updates.

Only download patches and updates from the vendor. Be cautious of suspicious emails or websites containing so called updates as they may contain malware.

When should you upgrade your software?

When the software you use becomes end-of-life [EOL], you are running a risk that security patches and updates are no longer being fixed and applied.  You should upgrade your software to ensure it is still being updated.