Social Media – Harmful Content

It has been widely reported that New Zealand has experienced a surge in complaints relating to Harmful Digital Communications this month. The Harmful Digital Communications Act 2015 (the Act) aims to prevent and reduce the impact of online bullying, harassment.

Harmful digital communications include messages sent via various electronic formats such as email, apps and social media, which contain threatening or degrading material. A digital communication may be deemed harmful if it:

  1. Is directed at an individual; and
  2. Makes that person seriously emotionally distressed; and
  3. It has or could seriously breach of one or more of the 10 communication principles in the Act.

Netsafe is the agency tasked with handling complaints and informs people about their options to remedy the situation. If you need support or assistance, more information is available on this website.

You can report content to the Censorship Compliance Team at the DIA here.

You can also report content directly to the websites, including Facebook and YouTube.