Incidents can cause reputational and financial harm, affecting staff, customers and third parties. Examples include:

  • cyber attacks
  • data/privacy breaches
  • fraud, employment and other misconduct investigations
  • litigation and regulatory eDiscovery requests

We can assist you through all stages of the incident response lifecycle, whether you are proactively mitigating your risks, or require urgent assistance in your time of need.

If you have suffered a cyber-attack need immediate incident response assistance, call 0800 WITNESS we will enable your organisation with a cloud based Control Room containing an IR plan and playbook(s). We can also provide incident controllers and forensic expertise, as well as connect you with cyber security providers to improve your cyber defence.


Cyber risk, strategy and incident response plans

Testing plans through simulations

Panel of experts (forensic, cyber security, IT, legal, public relations)


Identifying the cause and evidence of compromise

Containing and eradicating risks from causing further impact

Expert witness forensic response


Carefully returning to business as usual

Privacy breach response

Conducting a lessons learned process and actioning improvements