Data Breach Notification Services

If you have experienced a Data Breach, your next step is to be transparent with your customers and tell them how you are responding regarding their personal information.

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner recommends the following:

  • If a data breach creates a risk of harm to a person, you should usually notify them. Notifying them promptly means they can take steps to protect themselves and regain control of their information as soon as possible.
  • Do not notify people unless you’re sure that the breach has compromised their information. Notifying the wrong people by mistake can cause unintentional damage.

How we can help you

Our Data Breach Notification services will assist you in determining:

  • Developing a mandatory breach reporting policy
  • Whether a breach is a “notifiable breach”
  • When to notify your customers
  • How to notify your customers
  • Who should notify your customers
  • What to tell your customers

Whether you wish to notify by email, physical mail out or phone, we can facilitate the Data Breach Notification process.

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