Incident Response Solutions offers Cyber Insurance Services

Incident Response Solution’s Director Campbell McKenzie has been advising New Zealand insurance companies, and their insured clients, on how to prepare, respond and recover from a cyber incident since 2015.

An early example of his work included speaking amongst a panel of cyber insurance experts from Aon, Delta Insurance and hosts Meredith Connell. The March 2015 seminar was aimed at risk managers, legal counsel, insurance brokers and claims managers, and featured discussions on recent cybercrime cases, insurance solutions and claims examples given by insurers and brokers.

Campbell has since worked with the insurance industry to develop new services. In his previous role, his team were selected to be on three cyber insurance vendor panels providing cyber and forensic response services.

“Incident Response Solutions specialise in providing forensic and cyber services to the cyber insurance industry. From our depth of experience, we have developed a technology platform to assist breach managers, incident responders, insurance companies and affected insureds when responding to a cyber-incident”.

Examples of forensic incident response services cyber insurance may cover include:

  • Malware including ransomware
  • Business email compromise
  • Advanced persistent threats (APT)
  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) breaches
  • Privacy breaches
  • Insider threats
  • Intellectual property theft
  • Third party risks
  • Website attacks