Incident Response Solutions welcomes Incident Response Analyst

Incident Response Solutions is pleased to welcome on board
Ash Payne as an Incident Response Analyst.

Ash leverages several years of technical business analysis experience to provide highly focused and precise problem solving, solution design, process analysis, process automation, data analytics and stakeholder engagement services. He has extensive experience in identifying the root cause of an issue whilst also delivering best practice solutions to enable organisations to move forward efficiently and effectively.

Ash has worked with many organisations from large scale operations such as mining companies, health boards and banks to small businesses like bespoke manufacturers and charities.

Ash is currently completing the Master of Information Security and Digital Forensics at the Auckland University of Technology.

University Papers (completed)

● Network security and forensics
● Cryptography and cryptanalysis
● Intelligent surveillance
● Research project on camera device ‘fingerprinting’

University Papers (current)

● Cybercrime and cybersecurity
● Digital forensics tools and techniques
● Information security
● Internet of things and applications

View Ash Payne’s CV here:

Ash Payne – Incident Response Analyst