Incident Response Solutions launches YouTube Channel containing Cyber Security Tips and Advice

Incident Response Solutions announced today that it has launched a YouTube Channel featuring Cyber Security Tips and Advice .

The Channel is structured as follows:

  1. The first Playlist contains a selection of Cyber Security Tips and Alerts. These are excerpts taken from a variety of publically accessible Threat Intelligence Feeds so you can dive into more detail if required (the link is in the details drop down). These will be updated regularly.
  2. The second Playlist contains interviews with New Zealanders who are doing great things to promote good cyber hygiene. The first interview features a Cyber Security Awareness business, in time for Cyber Smart Week 2019 in New Zealand.
  3. The third Playlist contains a selection of Cyber Security educational videos. These may be useful for use in Cyber Awareness campaigns.
  4. Starting next month, Video editions of the monthly NZ Incident Response Bulletin will be published.
  5. A Vlog will be also be introduced shortly, which will initially include footage from the 2019 Security and Digital Forensics Conference in Las Vegas.

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