Incident Response Solutions welcomes Incident Response Analyst

Incident Response Solutions is pleased to welcome on board Nicole Girvan as an Incident Response Analyst.

Nicole is an experienced Analyst, who will be specialising in Cyber and Forensic matters. As an Incident Response Analyst, she will assist in responding to external cyberattacks, employee misuse of information systems, data breaches and other associated misconduct. Nicole will also assist with forensic examinations, as well as work with security and IT operations at clients to implement remediation plans.

Nicole has worked within the Information Technology industry for 20 years helping companies analyse and improve their operations to achieve results. She has led multiple teams working across a wide range of industries such as Insurance, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing and has effective project leadership skills and experience.

As a tertiary lecturer and researcher in Information Security and Forensic technology she combines strong technical, analytical, and communication skills with up to date industry knowledge to manage projects and implement effective solutions to problems. She focuses on strong customer communication and performs security analysis and forensic technology investigations.

View Nicole Girvan’s CV here: