Incident Response Solutions welcomes Operations Manager

Incident Response Solutions is pleased to welcome on board Bryan McKenzie as Operations Manager.

Bryan is the father of Campbell, Founder and Director of Incident Response Solutions Limited. Bryan is a highly experienced investigator who will provide operational support in the provision of forensic, cyber security and crisis management services.

Bryan was formally (1962-1978) a Detective Sergeant of the Criminal Investigation Branch of the New Zealand Police based in Auckland. Bryan specialised in major Crime Investigations, Criminal Intelligence, Police Prosecution Section, and allied police activities.

Bryan was recruited by New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing in 1978 as an Inspector/Investigator where he remained until his retirement in 2011. During that time Bryan was involved in the majority of all serious racing investigations. Some of that work was challenged through the New Zealand Civil Court System by way of judicial review.
See Cropp v A Judicial Committee and Bryan Francis McKenzie

View Bryan McKenzie’s CV here:
Bryan McKenzie – Operations Manager